frequently asked questions

  • Do we have to live in? Its OK to commute, but to make your getaway really special, we recommend you live in. Most couples tend to live in. You can usually decide this after registering, though.
  • Is accommodation included? No, the special getaway accommodation rates are separate to the registration. Apart from the Foothills event, you are free to book and pay for your own accommodation directly with the venue.
  • What is included? Our Registration includes 8 presentations from our professional speakers, a personalised couples DiSC profile (worth $174 alone!), a manual each, plus most meals and coffee breaks. It does not include accommodation or Saturday night dinner (as this will be your date night!).
  • Whats the timing? It starts 9:00am Saturday and ends Sunday 12 noon.
  • Can I bring children?
    Children are dear to us and we care about them but this event is a special time for couples only. The children’s presence would kind of defeat the purpose of your getaway together…not just for you but also for others. However, if you have a nursing infant you could possibly bring a nanny to look after your baby in your hotel room.